36 Weeks Pregnant


At 36 weeks pregnant, you are probably feeling ready to explode; however you can take comfort that while you may technically have at least 5 weeks left, if your baby were born today, it would be considered full-term and healthy. You will also likely be going through some bodily changes are well.

At around 36 weeks pregnant, you will notice that your baby has dropped a bit which will increase the pressure on your hip bones as well as bladder, making walking a bit more difficult. However, you will gain some breathing room because baby is not so squashed against your stomach and lungs. You may also notice that your breasts may start leaking in anticipation of birth. Another thing that will happen when you are about 36 weeks pregnant is that your baby could start to turn and present itself with its head toward the cervix area. Because of this increased pressure in your nether regions, as mentioned above, you could also experience hemorrhoids in addition to the increase in urination.

This stage in the game, at 36 weeks pregnant and on, you will have weekly doctor check-ups to monitor the baby's position as well as all of your vital signs like blood pressure and weight. If your baby has not turned properly or is not facing in the proper presentation for birth, your doctor at this point may try to physically turn your baby by manipulating the stomach.

At 36 weeks pregnant, you should have your bag packed for the hospital or plans set in place if you are giving birth at home. You will also note that at around 36 week pregnant, you will start getting a burst of energy. This is called the nesting instinct and you will probably end up cleaning your house, cooking extra meals to store in the freezer and putting last minute touches to the baby's nursery while you have the energy to do it.

There are a lot of changes going on in your body and 36 weeks pregnant is about the pivotal point when things start coming together - both biologically and in your environment. Just take cues from your body as to what you may or may not feel like doing.

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