The Best Time to get Pregnant

For a Happy Pregnancy

There are a few days in every month that are the best time to get pregnant; this is when ovulation occurs in her menstrual cycle. There are many couples that have no problem having a baby but for others it may not be as easy and figuring out exactly when a women's ovulation occurs may be the key to having a baby. There are many different ways to find out when is the best time to get pregnant and you can do this on your own or have your primary care physician or ob/gyn can help you figure out exactly what days you are ovulating. This day usually falls around the halfway point between one period and the next and one of the ways to figure out the best time to get pregnant on your own is by marking down when you have your period for a couple months, this will then help you in finding out the exact days on which you should be trying to get pregnant.

Tracking your period for about two months is a great way to figure out when the best time to get pregnant is, and once you know exactly how many days are in your menstrual cycle you have to remember that ovulation normally occurs about 14 days before your next period would begin. Many women already know the approximate amount of days in their menstrual cycle, but tracking it for a couple months can assure you that you figure out the best time to get pregnant is. Another way to detect the best time to conceive is by monitoring the Basal body temperature daily, being the very first thing you do every morning. There are also many books that can help you better understand fertility and there are also cheap ovulation detection kits you can buy that will help you predict the right time.

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