Blood cord

Many people believe falsely that the umbilical cord is not useful and should be discarded after birth. While this may be true of the cord itself, which doesn't have further use, the blood cord is quite valuable and can be more valuable than gold for leukemia and lymphoma patients. These patients often have to find matches within their families for transplants and transfusion. If exact matches are not found, they must go elsewhere in search of other sources. This has been difficult for many throughout the years, and the search has left many empty-handed.

Blood cord has revolutionized this search and has made it much closer to the actual patient. Many babies are born every day, and umbilical blood cord is a rich blood-generating substance required by these patients. This substance, which was once considered useless, is now regarded as being necessary to extend the lives of many. No wonder more women than ever before are thinking of donating their blood cord.

It isn't difficult to donate a blood cord, but arrangements must be made ahead of time. The pregnant woman must register with the hospital where she plans on giving birth to make arrangements for the blood cord to be taken. The procedure is quick and painless and is performed right after birth. The blood cord is collected and the blood is stored in the appropriate place. Not every mother is accepted as a donor, and there are questionnaires filled out before birth and the mother and the blood cord are inspected carefully after birth. Even healthy mothers' samples can be rejected, but that is not a reason to avoid donation blood cord.

Some people decide to start family blood cord banks while others feel comfortable donating their blood cord to others. It is a personal decision, but donating blood cord rather than throwing it away is a good idea for anyone.

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