Cord Blood Donation

Cord blood donation is becoming increasingly popular as the usefulness of umbilical cord blood has been discovered. The umbilical cord was often thought of as useless after the delivery of a baby. It was removed and discarded after birth. However, in recent years scientists have discovered that umbilical cord blood is rich in properties that produce blood cells and can be used instead of bone marrow for those with leukemia or lymphoma. These diseases rob the body of vital blood cells that can sustain health and fight disease. It was the case that these patients needed to search among close relations to find an exact match for a transplant. Cord blood donation is another option for people in this situation, and can be an answer for those who have almost given up hope.

Cord blood donation was unheard of in the past, but it is becoming more popular, especially among socially conscious mothers or those whose family members suffer from leukemia or lymphoma. Cord blood donation can be saved for one's own family in a private bank or can be donated to others. The process of cord blood donation is not difficult, but requires some advance planning. If a prospective mother is interested in cord blood donation, she should discuss the issue with the hospital where she plans to give birth. Not all hospitals handle cord blood donation, and she should verify that this procedure is done in her hospital of choice. A questionnaire will be required and other medical information will be given at that time. Not every cord blood donation is accepted into the blood bank. Some cord blood is not as rich in blood-cell producing properties as other cord blood, however, many people believe cord blood donation is worth the effort. Cord blood donations require very little effort and yet can have a huge impact on the lives of the sick and their families.

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