Early Pregnancy Signs

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While the signs of pregnancy are never quite the same for every woman, there are several signs that they usually have in common. Some women may have the same symptoms as other women, but for a longer or shorter time. If you are trying to get pregnant, then it is important that you know the early pregnancy signs now. These signs may be your first clue that you are actually pregnant. So, here are a few early pregnancy signs to look for that may indicate that you are finally pregnant. Sign #1 - You've Missed Your Period - One of the most obvious early pregnancy signs is missing a period. Usually this is the first signs that women pick up on, which makes them start looking for other signs as well. While some women may have a light period, most women won't have a period at all.

Sign #2 - Nausea - Nausea and vomiting can also be early pregnancy signs as well. There are some women that actually feel this symptom in their very first week of being pregnant, although they often attribute it to a flu bug. Although some women only have very moderate nausea, others may have severe nausea and may not be able to eat much in the mornings for a few weeks.

Sign #3 - Uncommon Fatigue - Fatigue is also a sign of pregnancy that many women have early on. Some find it difficult to get up in the mornings while others find themselves turning in earlier at night. The body is going through a lot of changes, so fatigue is a common symptom.

Sign #4 - Breast Tenderness - Many women also find that tender, sore, or even swollen breasts are a sign of pregnancy that shows up early in the pregnancy. This can be quite uncomfortable as your body starts to get ready to have a baby.

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