Early Pregnancy Test

Many women want to know as soon as possible if they are pregnant, for a variety of different reasons. In order to find this out, you can have an early pregnancy test done to get the results quickly. Every single pregnancy test out there is looking for hCG, which is known as the pregnancy hormone. There are several tests out there though that can pick up the levels of this hormone earlier than others can.

If you need an early pregnancy test, there are two types of tests that you are going to be able to choose from. There are blood tests available as well as urine tests. Usually these tests will need to be administered by your doctor; however, there are also some home pregnancy tests that you can purchase that can give you early results as well.

For the earliest results from an early pregnancy test, you are going to want to go with the blood test. The blood test can actually pick up the pregnancy hormone a quite a bit earlier than the urine tests can. Usually the blood tests can let you know if you're pregnant within about 6-8 days after conception. With the urine tests you'll have to wait about two weeks, or one day after the first period that you miss.

If you decide to take an early pregnancy test, you can rest assured that most of them are quite accurate. Of course you have to be sure that you use them right, but if you do your test will be close to 99% accurate. Many women choose to do a home pregnancy test, and if you do, you need to be sure not to do it too early. Wait until after you have missed your period for the best results. Then you should have enough hCG in your blood to make the test show positive results if you are pregnant.

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