Early Pregnancy

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Every time you had unprotected sex, the biggest question that looms in your mind a few weeks later is "Am I or am I not pregnant?" Of course, you can grab a home pregnancy test from a pharmacy and while they are fairly accurate, they do have a small failure rate. Therefore, you should learn to recognize the symptoms of early pregnancy. These are especially helpful if you have been trying to conceive.

1. One sign of early pregnancy is a missed period. If your monthly cycle did not occur, it could be due to pregnancy. Of course, there are some women who will still have a light one if the pregnancy is so new.

2. If you even feel pregnant, you may be. Some early pregnancy signs which could be attributed to other things are tiredness, nausea, dizziness, heartburn and even sensitivity to smells. Many women are intuitive and know almost immediately when they show atypical biological responses.

3. Breast tenderness is a major sign of early pregnancy, especially in those women who rarely have problems in that area. Also, some women experience an increase in breast size as well.

4. Fatigue is a major sign of early pregnancy as well. When you start feeling that you cannot get through a day without a nap or normal activities you usually take in stride wipe you out, then you might want to buy a pregnancy test.

5. Nausea is also a signal of early pregnancy. Many women for the first few weeks may attribute the nauseous feeling to flu or something they ate, especially if it does not occur in the morning, which is a stereotypical time when other pregnant women get it.

6. Emotions also play a part in indicating an early pregnancy. If sappy commercial make you cry or other things make you act in an uncharacteristic emotional fashion, you could be pregnant. There are a variety of things that could indicate an early pregnancy. Each woman's biology and body chemistry is different and will therefore project early pregnancy signs in different ways.

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