First Signs of Pregnancy

Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fifth pregnancy, there are various signs of pregnancy that you are going to experience. While the signs may be mostly the same, the way that you experience them may be quite different. Sometimes you may only have a few of the first signs of pregnancy, or you may have them all. So, if you need a refresher on the first signs of pregnancy, here are a few of them to keep in mind so you are prepared.

Menstrual Signs
Some of the first signs of pregnancy are going to include menstrual signs. You may miss your period, which can signify pregnancy or you may actually find that you have some spotting. There are some women that only spot and don't realize that they are actually pregnant, so it is important that you are in tune to your body and you know your normal menstrual cycle.

Changes in Your Breasts
Many women also experience changes in their breasts when they are first pregnant. The hormones in a woman's body immediately start changing, which causes the breasts to be tender and they may even become swollen and sensitive as well.

Some Cramping
Believe it or not one of the first signs of pregnancy for some women includes cramping. The cramps may feel a bit like the cramps you get during menstruation and usually the come if you do any kind of physical activity.

Tired and Dizzy
Since the body is going through so much change right now, many women experience both dizziness and tiredness when they are first pregnant. Your whole body has to work harder when you are pregnant, so while your body is adjusting, you may experience fatigue and dizziness; however, usually it goes away.

Mood Swings
Another of the first signs of pregnancy is mood swings. The hormonal changes in your body can cause mood swings, even in the early stages of your pregnancy. So, if your moods are swinging and you're crying a lot, you may be pregnant.

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