Pregnancy Photos

Pregnancy is a miraculous time full of change - both physically and emotionally. You have a new life inside you and you deserve to honor your nine months with a lovely record of pregnancy photos snapped at various intervals to document your progress with baby. If you can take milestone picture of your baby once he or she is born, why can't you do so with your beautiful baby belly?

Carrying a child is a unique experience fraught with morning sickness, feelings of doubt and times when you feel unattractive. However, pregnancy can be lovely with the glow of impending motherhood too. With pregnancy photos, you can capture those introspective feelings and your growing life inside you. Many women feel empowered during this stage in life, so why not let that show through with these pictures?

Tips for Do-It-Yourself Pregnancy Photos
Ok, you may not be taking the photos yourself, but you do not have to shell out top dollar to a photographer either. Enlist your significant other or trusted family member of friend instead. Below you will read tips on what to wear, when photos should be taken, different locations and even how to take them.

1. Your attire for the pregnancy photos should not be constricting but rather something that is comfortable, yet classic. Remember, you want your belly to show so a button shirt is best. Keep it simple with a lovely button denim shirt or even a man's white dress shirt. You can unbutton it the shirt to highlight the belly. Of course, some women don't mind going au natural for the pregnancy photos either.

2. Take the pictures when you are feeling your best, such as after a restful nap. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, you could have pregnancy photos taken once a month to highlight your belly's growth or take pictures in the 7th or 8th month before the comfort factor is totally out the window. The more curves you display with your pregnant belly the more impact your photos will have.

3. Choose a location that you feel comfortable with such as an area of your home, a lovely garden or even a silhouette against shadows. You can create your own backdrops by hanging a white sheet or black sheet or whatever you want for effect. Practice a little with your photographer.

4. Try a variety of poses such as holding your belly, kneeling down or curl up around your belly. Use both black and white and color film from a traditional camera as well as use a digital camera. Remember, you have to feel comfortable with your pregnancy photos so you are the director of these pictures!

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