Pregnancy Pictures

Documenting the months leading to the birth of your new baby is essential and a great way to always remember this joyous time of expectation. With pregnancy pictures, you can look back and reflect how far you have come for your baby.

You have several options in regards to your pregnancy pictures. First, you can hire a photographer who is well-versed in pregnancy photography. You will probably pay a pretty penny, but it could be well worth it to you. Second, you can enlist your significant other or someone else to take them.

The third option is actually a combination of the first two options. Why not take pregnancy pictures for the months leading up to your baby's birth but hire a photographer to professionally capture your emotions and belly on film for one studio portrait? This way you get both, and you can carry the memories always.

If you plan to take pregnancy pictures through the trimesters as a photo diary, always carry a camera with you so that a companion can take some shots. Whether it is a simple disposable camera or your trusty digital model, having a camera at the ready will allow for some great spontaneous shots such as flaunting your belly in bikini or having your older child draw smiley faces on growing belly.

Don't bother with your own maternity clothes for the pregnancy pictures. Instead, wear a man's dress shirt in the color of your choice. Being able to wear a button shirt large enough to unbutton to show off your belly is not only comfortable but also an attractive way to showcase your unborn baby.

Choosing a photographer or even a family friend to take the pregnancy pictures means planning around your most tired times. You want to feel refreshed and rested so that the glow of motherhood shines through. Incorporate several breaks in your photo session as well. Feeling relaxed and comfortable being photographed is the key to producing some great pregnancy pictures that you will cherish.

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