Pregnancy Quiz

There is a variety of pregnancy information that is often bandied about which clouds the issue for certain subjects. What is totally bogus, what is true and how do you know for sure? Well, you could always take a pregnancy quiz to find out! There are many of them in baby magazines, well-women and women's health magazines and even countless websites.

Test your knowledge on some of the following questions in this pregnancy quiz:

1. Folic acid is a major contributor to creating a healthy baby.
Absolutely. Folic acid is crucial to baby's brain development. In this pregnancy quiz, you will learn several things and one of them is how folic acid contributes to the formation of the brain and spine in babies and it can also prevent many birth defects as well. In addition to supplements from your doctor, you can get folic acid through foods such as beans, whole grain products and citrus fruits.

2. You just have to grin and bear it when it comes to morning sickness.
False! While you may not be able to totally prevent it, you can alleviate the symptoms in a variety of ways like nibbling on dry crackers, avoiding spicy foods and eating smaller meals more frequently. You see, you can even get some tips from a pregnancy quiz!

3. I missed my period, so I must be pregnant.
Not necessarily. While one of the main indicators of pregnancy is a missed period, there are other conditions which can delay it as well. Stress, anxiety and illness are just a few things that can cause you to miss a period.

4. Changing breasts can be potential signs of pregnancy.
True. Breasts often become tender and sensitive when your hormone levels change in pregnancy. In addition, the nipple area darkens as well. See, another lesson learned from this pregnancy quiz!

5. I can eat as much as I want when I'm pregnant since I am eating for two.
False. If you are carrying just one child, you should only really gain no more than 25-30 pounds. Yes, babies need nourishment and plenty of healthy foods are a good thing. However, pregnancy does not give you the green light to eat what you want. You could end up with pregnancy hypertension or even gestational diabetes.

Each pregnancy quiz is a bit different from another. However, the same principles apply - trying to test your overall knowledge of your ever-changing pregnant body. The above five questions in this pregnancy quiz are just a sample of some you may encounter.

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