Pregnancy Tickers

Just like with drawing "X's" on a calendar, pregnancy tickers are decorative online elements which countdown your pregnancy days until your due date. With many people online, it stands to reason that there are quite a few expectant mommas who are proud to announce their impending bundles of joy. The best way to let friends know is through pregnancy tickers on the Internet.

If you have your own website, blog, or signature line for your favorite websites and chat forums, you can insert pregnancy tickers. These are a great way for your online friends far and wide to keep track of where you are in your pregnancy. It keeps people in touch during this busy time in your life and creates a sense of excitement about the baby too.

There are a number of websites where you can create your own pregnancy tickers. Pregnancy and baby-related websites are the best place to find templates to create your own. Be prepared to enable "cookies" on these websites; otherwise copying the code for your pregnancy tickers to paste them into signature lines or websites will not work properly.

These pregnancy tickers can be found in a variety of templates and designs so you can easily create one that fits your personality. Of course, you will need to decide where it is and is not appropriate to display them. For instance, you do not want to display any pregnancy tickers on official emails to business clients or other professional venues. This information is best suited for personal emails to family and friends as well as blog posts and posts to message boards that do not have to do with professional or business issues.

Before inserting the pregnancy tickers into your signature lines at various forums, check the rules and make sure that you are allowed to do so. Overall, though, pregnancy tickers are a fun way to keep everyone in your life in the loop and share in your happiness about your bundle of joy.

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