Signs of Being Pregnant

There are very few women who go through most or an entire pregnancy without realizing they are pregnant. Some telling signs of being pregnant are usually hard to miss, especially with those women who are in tune with their bodies.

If you become pregnant right after a period, chances are you won't suspect a thing for several weeks or even longer as some women still have spotting, even after becoming newly pregnant. Therefore, some recognizable signs of being pregnant might help swing he possibility your way so that you can get confirmation from a doctor.

Perhaps one of the first signs of being pregnant are tender, sensitive breasts. Many women who sleep on their sides or bellies all of the sudden could not do so because of the pain in their breasts. Even wearing a bra could be painful. In addition, the nipple area becomes darker as your hormones change.

Sensitivity to food and smells are both telling signs of being pregnant. Some women's appetite dramatically increases while others may start craving things that they normally would not eat. In addition, some ladies experience nausea or dizziness at certain smells that normally would be pleasing to them like frying bacon or brewing coffee, just to name a few.

Cramping and urination are additional signs of being pregnant. When the embryo is implanting, this can cause cramping, which can be worrisome, especially if it is an off-menstruation time. Going to the bathroom a lot is perhaps one of the most known signs of being pregnant.

Two more signs of being pregnant include fatigue and mood swings. Let's face it - having a baby tends to make your hormones get thrown out of whack which affects moods. In addition, you have a new life form that will be sapping all your extra energy so that it can grow leaving you tired and in need of a nap.

Each woman is different and will probably exhibit signs of being pregnant that are totally unique to her. However, the signs listed above are some of the most predictably commons ones that many women experience.

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