Twin Pregnancy

You may be wondering if women that are going to have twins have any particular symptoms. Well, while there are some symptoms that can clue you in to a twin pregnancy, it is important to remember that all women are different and display various symptoms. While some symptoms that are normally felt by pregnant women can be intensified with a twin pregnancy, there are other signs and symptoms that are usually only seen in women who are pregnant with twins. The following are a few signs that may indicate you are having a multiple pregnancy.

Symptom #1 - Early Weight Gain - If you begin gaining a lot of weight early on in the pregnancy, it could be a sign of a twin pregnancy. Some moms that are expecting twins actually gain 10 pounds during the first trimester and they may go on to gain up to 25 pounds by the end of their second trimester.

Symptom #2 - Measuring Larger than Normal - If the size of the uterus is measuring larger than it should be, you may be having twins. While you'll gain differently with every pregnancy, if you are larger than normal, you may want your doctor to take a look.

Symptom #3 - Severe Morning Sickness - Unfortunately, some moms report having extreme morning sickness that includes both nausea and vomiting as well. Many times an increased severity of morning sickness may be a clue that twins are on the way.

Symptom #4 - Extreme Fatigue - Most women feel a bit fatigued when they become pregnant, but if you are going to have twins, you'll probably even be more fatigued than usual. If you are feeling very extreme fatigue, a twin pregnancy could be the cause of it.

Symptom #5 - Feeling Movement Early - Usually when women are pregnant with twins they feel the movement of the babies quite early in the pregnancy. The movement begins earlier on for many women and it may seem quite different from just the feeling of one baby moving around in the uterus.

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