Very Early Signs of Pregnancy

Every woman's body is different and may reflect a number of variable very early signs of pregnancy. However there is always a few that the general population of newly pregnant women experience that often considered telltale signs.

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Some very early signs of pregnancy are ones that every one has at least heard about. Breast tenderness is a major one as is nausea. Mood swings are common as is the frequent need to urinate. Other very early signs of pregnancy that are widely known are fatigue, food cravings and of course, a missed period.

There are some lesser recognized very early signs of pregnancy that you should also be aware of as well:

1. Constipation - Elevated hormones during pregnancy tend to retard digestion and well as slow down your bowels. The reason is because all available nutrients are being absorbed to help feed that growing baby. High fiber foods and plenty of water can help ease the discomfort of digestion.

2. Elevated Body Temperature - One of the very early signs of pregnancy is an elevated body temperature. If you suspect pregnancy but it is too soon for a pregnancy test, check your temperature every morning. A consistent elevated basal body temperature is an indicator.

3. Cramping Issues - Another of the very early signs of pregnancy that many women may actually attribute to menstruation is cramping. This occurs when the walls of the uterus contracts from activity as well as when it starts to enlarge to accommodate your growing baby.

4. Headaches - Many women have headaches as one of the very early signs of pregnancy. This can be blamed on the hormonal changes which are increasing your blood circulation as a result of your little bun in the oven.

While the above are very early signs of pregnancy along with some of the more stereotypical ones like morning sickness and frequent potty breaks, they could also be indications of other things too. Therefore, you should be in tune with you body and know when your periods are. By keeping track of your menstrual cycles, you would better be able to know if the very early signs of pregnancy above are truly indicators of a baby.

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