Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Some women start exhibiting the very early symptoms of pregnancy even before their next period is expected. That is why some women just seem to "know" before their next menstruation cycle is supposed to begin. Why is it so important that you recognize these very early symptoms of pregnancy? Having that information will help you plan your fitness and diet arrangements as well as plan around any pre-existing conditions.

For a Happy Pregnancy

Bleeding and cramping are two very early symptoms of pregnancy that many women don't recognize because they believe it is period-related. If you are indeed pregnant, this bleeding and cramping is the result of the fertilized egg implanting itself to the uterus. The cramping feels similar to what you might expect for a period.

Food cravings or aversions, smells and morning sickness are all very early symptoms of pregnancy as well. Many women start becoming sensitive to smells such as cologne, bacon, coffee and other ordinary scents that most of us think nothing about. In addition, they start wanting odd food combinations or something that they normally do not like. By the same token, favorite foods could cause an unexpected aversion.

Fatigue is common among the many very early symptoms of pregnancy. The reason is that the hormone progesterone rises which can cause tiredness. However, your hormones also can lower your blood pressure and blood sugar while raising the production of blood.

Fainting and dizziness can be added to the very early symptoms of pregnancy. These are caused for several reasons. First, your blood sugar may be low. Second, your blood vessels may constrict too quickly when you move or get up suddenly that your body cannot adjust your blood pressure quick enough to accommodate the change.

Swollen, tender breasts, mood swings, increase urination and even headaches are all additional very early symptoms of pregnancy. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and you have not had your period yet or you missed a period, be sure to get a pregnancy test so that you can verify the information as soon as possible.

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