Civil War Medicine

In the eighteen hundreds western medicine was very poor and many doctors did not due anything to prevent infections, and due to this many soldiers died. Civil war medicine practitioners did not have any such thing as antiseptics and antibiotics were also not available. They say that more soldiers died due to the lack of proper Civil war medicine and also the lack of medical professionals than died from other war wounds. At the start of the Civil war there were around one hundred surgeons on the battlefields and this was not near enough for the amount of casualties. One of the biggest problems with the lack of proper Civil war medicine and doctors was when infection and disease started there was nothing they could do to stop it since it was not fully understood at the time.

Since much of the Civil war medicine was so primitive one of the things doctors would do to stop the spread of infection was amputating the infected part of the body. This worked sometimes but other times patients would once again become infected where the amputation took place due to the many germs that the Civil war medicine could not properly destroy. As the war went on the medical conditions improved a little bit but during that time period they were still kind of in the dark ages of the medical field. Many of the soldiers were more scared of being wounded and becoming infected or obtaining some disease since so many soldiers were lost due to the extremely poor medicine and doctors of the times. After the civil war medicine started to have many advancements and soon antibiotics and antiseptics were invented, but there were also many new and different diseases popping up all the time. A lot of soldiers had to lose limbs just in order to survive an infection that would be easily treated nowadays.

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