Herbal Medicine

Many of the medicines our ancestors found highly effective in the treatments of many different illnesses were various types of herbal medicine, and there are millions of people in the world today that prefer herbal medications over the modern day pharmaceuticals. Herbal medicine is often called botanical medicine, phytotherapy, or herbalism and it is also the oldest form of medicine known to man. In the past many of the Indian tribes worldwide discovered many of the medicinal properties of all kinds of plants in their environment. They also found many other uses of plants that they used for all kinds of things including constructing shelter, food, and clothing. Herbal medicine has been traced many thousands of years into the past before the American Indians were using it, and there has been evidence of herbalism in cave paintings in France that have been traced to have been drawn somewhere between 13,000 and 25,000 B.C.

There are a small percentage of modern pharmaceuticals as well that are based solely off of herbal medicine and when pharmacists are going to school they also studying many of the aspects of herbalism. Every pharmacy you go into nowadays will also have a whole section of different herbal supplements, but sometimes many of these are processed using chemicals so many true herbalists prefer the whole plant when they are setting up an herbal medicine treatment program for a patient. Most herbs and plants have many different properties that will aid your body in more than one way. After hearing some of the horror stories about certain modern day medications in the media there are more and more people that are looking into different kinds of botanical medications. Some of the best ways to take many herbal medications is by drinking them in teas or using the natural extracts of the plant as oil or even a balm.

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