Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine is often referred to as alternative medicine by many people and it takes a whole different approach to treating illness and overall health. There are many different aspects of holistic medicine and many of the practices and ideas many practitioners of alternative medicines use are well known forms of exercise such as yoga and Tai Chi. Practitioners of holistic medicine look at your complete health including your mental and emotional health, physical health, and even spiritual health in some cases. With so many dangers involved in modern day medicine and pharmaceuticals many people are looking to the ancient practices of natural medicine. Many of the philosophies behind these medicinal practices come from many different and ancient societies in Eastern culture, such as China and India. Alternative medicine has been used for such a long time and many people feel it is much more effective and much safer for the patient.

Some of the other practices that are often used with holistic medicine are things such as massage therapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, chiropractic care, herbalism, and medical marijuana. These practices are not generally accepted by the majority of the public in our society mainly because many people are uneducated about what natural and holistic medicine are all about. These medicinal practices must have a great deal of success to have been around for the thousands of years that they have, and as more people learn about the natural art of medicine the more people will turn towards it. There are many insurance companies that are finally starting to cover alternative medicine since it is finally starting to be accepted more and more in our society. There are many Doctors out there that also use some of the alternative medicinal practices mixed with many of the modern day practices, a good Doctor will work together with the patient and come up with a healthcare plan that the patient is comfortable with.

Latest Article: History of Alternative Medicine

The history of alternative medicine can be traced back to some 5000 years, when the Chinese and Indians discovered traditional and Ayurvedic therapies to heal the body and the mind. The real objective was to identify the deterrents in the body system, which caused the ailments and strengthen the body’s immunity. The therapies mainly incorporated self-care, lifestyle changes and...

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