Sports Medicine

Considering the physical demands that are put on athletes in every major sport worldwide there are bound to be many injuries and there are many doctors worldwide that focus solely on sports medicine, and also work with helping these athletes to recondition themselves to prevent farther injuries. Both aspects of sports medicine are extremely important since the preventative care will decrease the chances of repeat injuries or new injuries in athletes with an extremely active lifestyle.

Sports medicine focuses on many common injuries among the different sports such as pulled hamstrings, torn ACL’s, and many other types of muscle strains and tears. Every major sport involves the use of many different muscles so each sport tends to have a unique but common assortment of injuries throughout that particular sport. Sports injury specialists spend years studying and improving on the care and precautionary aspects of these injuries and the safety in many sports is constantly improving as well.

Every professional, amateur, and even college sports team has their own sports medicine specialists on their staff, and they all usually have more than one of these doctors on their payroll. Most teams will employ a few different sports medicine doctors and some will deal with the injuries and aftercare of sports injury related surgeries and treatments while the other doctors will deal with the conditioning and preventative care. Sports are extremely popular no matter where in the world you are, and the demand put on these athletes by the fans and team owners takes a toll on the athletes’ bodies, especially in the more physically aggressive sports such as football, hockey and boxing. These are the sports where many players have more serious head injuries and many players may have multiple concussions and future problems with their brains. Specialists that deal with these aspects are highly trained in neurological medicine as well since head injuries are so common.

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