Bad Plastic Surgery

An improper plastic surgery is generally referred to as bad plastic surgery. This generally happens due to errors and slip-ups during the surgical procedure.

Bad plastic surgery may occur because of a wrong decision taken either by the patient or by the doctor before the surgery is done. It is much easier to conceal a bad plastic surgery in other parts of the body than on the face.

The consequences of improper plastic surgery are dangerous. In the case of a bad facial surgery, say, the patient gradually loses the mobility of the facial features and tends to suffer from lack of sensation due to the damage caused to nerves. An awful plastic surgery can even lead to excessive scarring, deformation and in some cases it can even cause paralysis.

A deformed plastic surgery can even lead to psychological and emotional stress. The patients start suffering from a sort of inferiority complex, which eventually leads to lack of confidence and poor conviction on the part of the individual.

In case of a bad plastic surgery, the error can effectively be rectified by a second restorative surgery. However, it is essential for you to know that a surgeon can only think of a re-surgery or correction in case there are enough tissues left.

Some Sure-Shot Tips To Evade Bad Plastic Surgery

The doctor you are to choose for the purpose should be an American Board of Plastic Surgery certified surgeon. This is to make sure that the person has specialized skills in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. You should even ask for pictures and other testimonials to have a clear conception of the surgeon’s efficacy in the case.

Verification of your doctor's specialization in the procedure is essential. A doctor who can implant a breast may not be able to do a nose job (rhinoplasty) with the same efficacy.

In order to avoid bad surgery, you should first assess you intentions – being very reasonable/practical in your expectations. There is no point in exercising your imagination in this case; so, go for a surgical-correction, which is achievable.

To make your surgery a success, you have to stay mentally and emotionally fit.

Stop smoking – because if you are a chain smoker it can lead to several complications leading to bad plastic surgery.

Going for a plastic surgery is not like going to the beauty parlor. Here you have to be more careful and sure. Thus, it is best if you consult more than one surgeon to make the work done in a better way.

A cheap plastic surgery can result in a bad plastic surgery. Therefore, it is not always wise for you to go by the cost.

Remember, it is only your wise decision that can save you all the complications arising from a bad plastic surgery.

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