Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Desperate to look more stunning and be in the limelight, the starlets (as well as other celebrities) are seeking the help of so-called 'celebrity plastic surgery'. This is a very common practice amongst famous film stars who would go to any extent to retain their public-image and rule the hearts of the crazy fans.

Celebrities go for different types of plastic and cosmetic surgeries, which they feel, are unavoidable to meet their physical shortcomings. In most cases, the surgeries have many pros and cons; in spite of all these, the celebrities choose to undergo the treatments. Sometimes the chances are very bleak and the celebrity plastic surgery can go completely awry, leaving the star in a very compromising situation for the rest of his/her life. Despite this fact, celebrity plastic surgery has gained significant popularity.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery - A Makeover For The Starlets

The following list shows the names of the celebrities and the surgeries they have had:

Paris Hilton got an eyelid surgery

Paris Hilton, the most famous heir to the 'Hilton Group Chain of Hotels', underwent an eye-lid surgery. This is a very common celebrity plastic surgery. To correct her drooping left eye, she contacted a Beverly Hill Plastic surgeon.

Nevertheless, unfortunately, her endeavor did not bear fruits and her left eye met with further damages. Had the surgery gone right, then she could have had two symmetrical beautiful eyes. Nonetheless, many starlets from the film circuit are opting for eyelid surgery to become the possessor of a pair of beautiful eyes.

Melanie Griffith had a facial surgery

Melanie Griffith had a very pretty face; but when she married the love of her life, Antonio Banderas, she altered her pretty face to impress her husband.

Jennifer Anniston and Renee Zellweger went for breast implants

There is quite a controversy over the topic, if Jennifer Anniston or Renee Zelwegger got a breast augmentation or not. Whether they got breast implants or not, it is sure that most of the female celebrities opt for this particular surgery for most of them are proud of their assets and flaunt them with utmost pride.

Meryl Streep got a face lift

Face-lift is a very common celebrity plastic surgery. Most of the stars are desperate to get rid of their wrinkles and posses a flawless skin. Meryl Streep is one such actor, who went for a face-lift and a neck lift. She now looks stunning in her flawless facial skin.

Angelina Jolie's Nose surgery

Nose surgery is also a very common celebrity plastic surgery. Angelina gained a stunning nose, which now looks perfectly shaped and sized. There are many celebrities, who do not have a perfectly chiseled nose and therefore they go for a nose surgery to correct the flaws.

The above few cases show that most of the stars go for plastic surgeries to correct their flaws and enhance their beauties. No doubt, celebrity plastic surgery is one of the most talked-about topics these days.

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