Vaginal Plastic Surgeries

Vaginal plastic surgeries commonly known as 'labiaplasty' in the medical world, is an independent decision that a woman takes. This cosmetic surgery is performed by plastic surgeons, gynecologists and urogynecologists. The vaginal plastic surgery helps many women gain their self-esteem, by being able to enjoy the thrill of having sex better.

When a woman has negligible sexual desires and vaginal discomfort, it goes on to puncture her self-esteem; as a solution, the woman opts for the vaginal plastic surgeries to rejuvenate her love life that was about to crumple.

All About The Vaginal Plastic Surgeries

It is true that a vaginal plastic surgery can change the way you look at your love life presently, but never take a decision in haste. Always consult a gynecologist or a plastic surgeon before you go for the plastic surgery.

The entire process of the surgery requires a total time of about 60 minutes to 120 minutes. The surgery is made to correct the structural defects of the vagina as well as keeping in mind the aesthetic considerations.

The surgeries are conducted under local anesthesia. The women who undergo these surgeries go through a bit of discomfort as well as swelling in the vaginal area, but the problem does not persist after one or two weeks. To completely recover after the surgery, the time taken by the patients range from three days to one week or even two weeks.

The Different Vaginal Plastic Surgeries

Vaginal plastic surgeries are done by tightening the vagina (vaginoplasty), reconstructing the ruptured hymen to the virgin state (hymenoplasty) and by reducing and beautifying the labia.

Neovaginoplasty is a surgical operation that is used for the construction or the reconstruction of a woman's vaginal canal and mucous membrane. This surgery has also benefited transwomen. However, this plastic surgery permits sexual intercourse, with the sheer absence of the sensation.

Vaginoplasty uses the autologous biological tissues from various parts of the patient's body, such as the skin flaps, oral mucosa, vaginal labia, skin grafts, testicular skin, penile skin, intestinal mucosa, and other parts.

Women today are opting for vaginal plastic surgeries to have greater sensation during sex and to be able to satisfy their partners better sexually. There are some post-surgical measures that one must abide by (like refraining from sexual intercourse for a minimum period of three months) in order to avoid any complications. If all goes well, the patient will be able to lead a better life, exciting and honorable.

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